Some of us remember pretty. Sit pretty. Pretty face. What a pretty girl. Others remember ugly. Or bossy. Silly girl.

Then we all got older, and swallowed new ones: hot. Emotional. Weak. So serious. Icy. Fierce. Gorgeous. Brave. Bitchy. Actually so smart.

And Nasty.

Despite a million different, excruciatingly intimate versions of growing up woman, on October 19, 2016, we all intersected there: on that searing-hot adjective, thrown toward a courageous woman by a man with a sub-par soul and incalculable privilege. We were all Nasty then and there—watching her command the room, smile through insult, rise above the ashes of a reality we refuse.

That moment—this past election—illuminated something that’s been true all along: we’re all Nasty as hell. We’ve been Nasty. We pine to be Nasty. We do it with intention, with love.

The Coalition of Nasty Women believes in this state and champions both its fiery moments and the quiet, sadder ones in between. We work to end the ignorance that makes space for Nasty. And we celebrate the rebellion that makes it righteous.

We believe in continuing the movement that started hundreds of years ago; that Hillary (and Elizabeth and Joyce and Michelle and Jill and you and me and she and she) propelled. We believe in waking up tomorrow and getting back to work.

Hand to hand, we’ll pass the torch forward, saying each time: such a Nasty woman.

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